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Initially advised SJT by putting forward the site in the ‘Call for Sites’ process as a suitable site for residential development in the plan-making process. The site is designated Green Belt within a LPA that has less than a 1 year’s supply of housing and selected by the Secretary of State to have a Local Plan written for it (Castle Point).

In parallel with this, PHC prepared and submitted an outline planning application for the erection of 11 no. 4/5 bedroom detached houses, making a previously developed Green Belt policy case in line with the NPPF (2018). The site has existing buildings/hard standing equating to approximately 50-60% of the site area. The proposed development equated to approximately 80-90% of the site area. Member consultation was undertaken prior to the submission of an application.

The case officer recommended that the application was refused on Green Belt policy grounds particularly as the existing development was not equivalent to the amount of proposed development area by some margin and that it was premature to the publication of the new draft Local Plan, which was imminent. However, members were persuaded at committee by the high-quality family housing proposed, reflective of the local area; encouragement given to SME builders in the new NPPF and to contribute to local housing needs.

Planning permission now granted for 19 houses and is on site under construction.

The site is also now proposed as a housing allocation in the draft local plan.

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